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Bitcoin based raffles, There is a winner every round!
Try your luck at winning some coins in a good old fashioned raffle. Ticket sales go into a prize pool, and the winner takes all!
The system is completely automated and anonymous, no logins, no deposits, no questions asked.
The concept is quick and simple, participants send bitcoin to the chosen raffle, and when the final ticket is sold, the raffle is drawn.
The lucky winner of that round is paid instantly, sent to the bitcoin wallet they purchased their ticket with! More info

How to Play

Just send bitcoin to the address of the raffle you wish to enter with an amount equal or multiple to the price of a ticket.
Your sending address is recorded against that ticket number so the system knows who to pay if the ticket wins.
Ticket numbers are allocated once the transaction receives 1 confirmation on the network.
You can buy any quantity of tickets that you like in order to increase your odds of a win
** Only use wallets that allow you to receive Bitcoin from the same address you sent from ** More info

  Round 7
105 Tickets

One Coin Raffle

Price ฿0.01 EA
Prize ฿1.00


96 Left

  Address 1RaffLSLpRmPAUoa7C2bNJFRcwji7abcs  
  Round 1
550 Tickets

Punters Raffle

Price ฿0.01 EA
Prize ฿5.00


543 Left

  Address 1RaffLV7VzQ4QXt2Wrx7AGoZgqAGcHgF3  

Current Rounds
My Tickets

RaffleRoundPurchase DateTicket#(s)Owner
One Coin Raffle72013-09-17 09:45#0011GuLsfCVZ9cwdDjSisPbvQWAH3KQnuSYyh
One Coin Raffle72013-09-17 09:08#0021N3uoPKSgeKTsCr86RY4EHj6KVNZrRJ8oh
One Coin Raffle72013-09-17 10:11#0031Dp8SYsfbHtJSvohMQ7rZqdE8ATa4QGQMG
One Coin Raffle72013-09-17 10:12#0041NMCf9FWGvVkqrer5DtcHqe597xEmjV78o
One Coin Raffle72013-09-17 10:28#005-00713LMnvRigxrCatTbB5ZZ5RB2UhABDM1wce
One Coin Raffle72013-09-17 11:36#008-009144rrd3nF3Va7nzvvXGa9jkuiGdzKpA2RX
Punters Raffle12013-09-17 09:09#001-00219HpQUAnHCMKvUSaNVzNe9gGb8SGPMr3Nn
Punters Raffle12013-09-17 09:45#0031AS77Zo7sFoA4vbZiyXtNBgdBdseF5C5VT
Punters Raffle12013-09-17 10:13#0041GjNzv3WG7VBDVZ74r1ew6VnHZ9ffzL1FT
Punters Raffle12013-09-17 10:12#0051NMCf9FWGvVkqrer5DtcHqe597xEmjV78o
Punters Raffle12013-11-05 02:16#006-0071JsYVRCsqRNHCmpNW3pZM3SJNDqndD4KQj